Kayleigh Morgan (6 years old)
  I used to be nervous to visit the doctor because I was always scared of the ear, nose and throat check. Once Dr Blake talked to me and explained what he was doing, I understood what was really happening. This is why I made a 'Thank you' Card for him. He is the nicest doctor and I enjoy visiting his office.

  He took out my tonsils and I don't remember anything that scared me. He kept me laughing through the whole surgery. I'm working on a new 'Thank you' card for him.

Byron Solomon
  What! Drink more water and focus more on mental relaxation. The funny thing is that this worked to solve my major issue.

   Not to be a whistle blower... but he analyzed my medication and gave me a full report on the side effects that were currently visible in my life. This doctor is not sold on pharmacy kickbacks. He honestly prescribes what you actually need and he makes sure your results are to his satisfaction. This is rare. Kudos Dr Blake. I know you are shy and hate reports like this but, someone has to say it.

Alley Ramos
  I anticipated a long complicated diagnosis for my issue and this Doctor seems to make my issue more simple to solve. Time was not an issue and my cure was so simple. I seriously walked out thinking 'no way could my cure be that simple'.

  Dr Blake took the time to talk about my life, habits and simple care of my body. I walked away knowing for the first time in my life that this doctor cares. I have add... I'm not such a wimp when it comes to visiting this doctor.


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